About Wakava

Wakava is an organic health conscious company ,We make serious commitments to environmental sustainability and food biodiversity ,We seek to provide better-tasting, healthier food and drink options by using herbs,crops from West Africa with lower impart on the environment while creating solutions to improving the lives of rural farmers and give back to the community.

We take traditional West African food and innovate them for acceptance on an international forefront while retaining the innate health benefits,We revitalizing economy and the hole community.



A West Africa premium freshly Cold-Brew TEA with REAL tea leaves without artificial flavor or chemical,We seek to provide better tasting healthier drink the way that nature and the motherland intended.

Every bottle is packed with healthy and balanced active ingredients, infused with love cold brewed with Organic natural herbs then slightly sweetened.

Whether you are seeking a healthy and balanced drink or a touch of exoticism, you will take pleasure in a revitalizing experience and a boosting sensation.

The distinct taste of Wakava– sharp and also revitalizing– will leave you requesting more A lifestyle and well-being tools for all.

Our Mission

Our mission is to innovate West Africa food for acceptance on an international forefront that’s better for people and planet.