Wakava is an organic health conscious company ,We seek to provide better-tasting, healthier food and herbal drink options by using herbs from Africa while creating solutions to improving the lives of rural farmers and give back to the community.We take traditional African products and innovate them for acceptance on an international forefront while retaining the innate health benefits.

Wakava is a natural Africa traditional antioxidant Herbal Cold-Brew, without any chemicals as well as with nothing synthetic or caffeine.We seek to provide better tasting healthier drink the way that nature and the motherland intended.

Every bottle is packed with healthy and balanced active ingredients, infused with love cold brewed with Organic natural herbs then slightly sweetened.

At the core of Wakava is the one of a kind hibiscus sabdariffa. This “Amazing incredibly flower” is extensively commemorated for its distinctive taste as well as health and wellness benefits.

Clinical researches have actually located that the pigments which give the hibiscus subdariffa its vibrant red color consist of a high visibility of solid anti-oxidants.Eaten daily, the plant helps with reducing hypertension as well as cholesterol levels: for this reason lowering the risk of heart problem.

Nigerian scientists regarded hibiscus much better for reducing blood pressure. In the research study,75 participants with moderate to moderate high blood pressure were arbitrarily put in 3 teams.

Whether you are seeking a healthy and balanced drink or a touch of exoticism, you will take pleasure in a revitalizing experience and a boosting sensation.

The distinct taste of Wakava– sharp and also revitalizing– will leave you requesting more

I’m Olamide Adeboye founder and CEO of Wakava Food & Beverage.As we all know that African Continent hosts ingredients and recipes that possess amazing healing qualities and health benefits. The story of Wakava stems from a long established West African Tradition of using natural herbs and teas to heal, prevent and sustain. Mama would spend hours gathering the best herbs and spice and hibiscus flowers, honey and other ingredients to prepare for the Sunday Morning Brewing.

The aroma would fill the house and my siblings and I, would await the delectable herbal infusion. Upon arriving in the United States and not finding a comparable elixir, I wanted to share this drink with my family, I brought the tradition here. My family and friends loved it, and from this Wakava Herbal Cold-Brew was born.

“The joy of every Entrepreneur is to put something into the world and seeing people adopt it is a pretty special Things”.-Olamide Adeboye

Cheers For Wakava.


At Wakava Food and Beverages we take traditional African products and innovate them for acceptance on an international forefront while retaining the innate health benefits. Our products help farmers realize income towards school fees for their children, medical bills, housing improvements, and other income necessary activities. For the portions of our recipes that are sourced from Africa we provide a means for the indigenous farmers to raise funds and school fees for their children, when otherwise it may prove challenging. For the portion of our recipe that is sourced from the St. Louis area we are supporting local farmers.